Serena Agosto

Serena Agosto was born in Italy, where she started to study modern flute and
recorder at the age of 10 in a music school. Only after discovering the great world
of early music, she decided to continue her studies in recorder. At the age of 13 she
studied recorder at the Conservatory Stanislao Giacomantonio with Tommaso Rossi.
There she obtained her bachelor and master degree in music and recorder.

During her years in Italy, she participated in a recorder masterclass with Lene
Langaballe. She also had the opportunity to perform as a recorder player in various
concerts such as the one with the Baroque orchestra Cappella Neapolitana in Naples
under the direction of Toni Florio. Together with other musicians of the
conservatory, she set up a Baroque ensemble called Scarlatto Amor, where they
played in a concerts and participated in competitions such as “Premio Abbado”. She
studied briefly in Portugal at the school ESMAE (Escola Superior de Mùsica e Artes
do Espetàculo) through Erasmus project with Pedro Sousa Silva. There she
participated in a chamber music masterclass with Franco Pavan and Marco Beasley
and she played in many concerts in Portugal with the ESMAE Baroque orchestra.

In 2018 she decided to move in Brussels, where she currently lives, to continue her
studies in recorder at the Koninkljk Conservatorium and in June 2020 she obtained
her master degree under the guidance of Bart Coen. She partecipated in a lot of
masterclasses, workshop and chamber music lesson with Peter Van Heyghen,
Herman Stinders and Jan de Winne. Her passion for music still strongly lives and
today has led her to teach music and recorder as a private teacher.