Delle Donne Consort

About us

The Delle Donne Consort, founded in 2020, is a recorder quartet from Belgium consisting of four young female musicians who share a passion for ensemble playing. In its programs the ensemble is seeking for a wide variety in musical styles and different approaches. They work around specific themes or focus on a specific composer, but Delle Donne Consort offers as well mixed programs in which all the different facets of the recorder are shown. The quartet’s members are well versed in the historically informed performance practice of Renaissance and Baroque music, but they also love to experiment with contemporary music and electronics, and are always searching for new exciting pieces to perform.    

The name Delle Donne Consort is derived from the concerto delle donne. The ‘Consort of Ladies’ was a group of professional female singers in the late Renaissance court of Ferrara, Italy, renowned for their technical and artistic virtuosity. Music publisher Giacomo Vincenti praised these women as virtuose giovani or ‘young virtuosas’, echoing the sentiments of contemporaneous diarists and commentators. Their signature style of florid, highly ornamented singing brought prestige to Ferrara and inspired composers of the time. The concerto delle donne continued the tradition of the Este court as a musical center but above all they revolutionized the role of women in professional music.

The four musicians of the Delle Donne Consort met each other through Bart Coen, their recorder teacher in LUCA School of Arts Leuven (Campus Lemmens) and the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, and connected instantly through their shared love of the instrument and its beautiful repertoire. They are grateful to have internationally renowned artists like Bart Coen, Bart Spanhove, Peter Van Heyghen, Peter De Clercq and Tom Beets as their mentors.